Dear Families

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of my decision to transfer from Camarena Elementary School. I have worked as an integral part of this school since its opening and am saddened to leave behind such supportive staff and AMAZING students.

In the short time we spent together, I could clearly see what kind, talented, intelligent children you have. We worked diligently to create a sense of family and support in our classroom, that I am sure the students will carry on with each other and their new teacher throughout the year and beyond.  

Please know that your children will be in good hands. The sixth-grade team of teachers are incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable. I know that they will support and collaborate with your child’s new teacher whole-heartedly. 

To each and every student of Room 413: you are SPECTACULAR and I am so honored to know you! It was easy for me to see your spark, and I know you will shine in all that you put your mind to. Remember to look out for your school family. You are resilient and strong. You are great thinkers and doers. You are our future! I hope to hear wonderful things about each of you! 

Kindest Regards,

Mrs. Garcia Heller


6th Grade News

I hope you have found the “Follow” button to keep updated on the events and announcements in our classroom. We also have a blog for the whole grade level. It gives you general information for Camarena’s Sixth Grade. 

Please click HERE and find the “Follow” button on our grade-level site so that you will get all of the important info! This site can also be found on our school blog, which has changed to a new web address this year. 

Welcome to Our Class Blog!

Welcome to Room 413’s class blog at Camarena Elementary School!

Our classroom blog is a peek into our classroom for parents and families of our students. It is the main line of communication for class activities and events. Please explore the Tabs at the top of the page for extra information.  IMPORTANT: To receive updates, click on “follow this blog” and enter your email. (Note that you can control the frequency of emails.) Visit regularly!

For last year’s families, you may want to “unfollow” the blog at this time, unless you’re feeling nostalgic! 😉